Amburan Winter Garden

A metropolis usually abounds with exquisite restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Baku is no exception. Restaurants, cafes, bistros, and coffee shops offer a broad variety of options. Amburan Winter Garden stands apart from the rest of these restaurants. The respectable atmosphere, huge hall, and Cozy rooms have made it a favorite venue of gourmets and aesthetes.

The great influx of customers has complicated the work of the waiters, they had to constantly visit the rooms to hear the requests of guests. Staff call systems have overcome this problem. The guests now need only press a call button, and waiters, no matter where they are, receive a notification to their pagers. In case of malfunction or breakdown of the pagers or buttons, our company will replace them immediately. Our staff alert systems have been on the market for 5 years.

The restaurant is based on a private dining room system. We suggested a solution to install a waiter call system. The large area of the restaurant complicated the case, so we decided to place several amplifiers, covering the whole territory of the complex. When the guest presses the call button, the signal is sent to the waiters' watches and to the restaurant administrator to ensure proper control.