Dalga Beach

Baku is not only the quiet streets of the Old City, fine architecture, and beautiful sunsets. It is also the center of the incredible entertainment industry. Aquaparks are an integral part of the summer holiday here. Dalga Beach Aquapark is one of the biggest and most comfortable aquaparks with a variety of great slides, restaurants, and its own beach. We have helped to improve the customer experience of this entertainment facility.

Our systems are used successfully in the food court. Thanks to the pagers notifying them about the readiness of the dish, visitors of the water park no longer wait for their turn at the checkout but move freely around the territory of the aquapark.

Our customers welcomed the idea of installing guest pagers that we proposed. The introduction of pagers has quickly solved the problem of constant congestion at the cash desks of restaurants in the food court and crowding of visitors waiting for their orders. Thus, having received pagers, guests of the aquapark can continue chilling on their deckchairs. When the order is ready, the restaurant notifies the customer by sending a signal to the pager.