Cinema Plus

A cool movie, good company, and a big Cozy cinema are all you need for a pleasant evening. The choice of locals and guests of Baku often falls on Cinema Plus. A wide choice of films, comfortable halls, and professional staff made this cinema one of the most popular in the capital city.

Visitors often want to grab a bite to eat while watching a movie, and since the room must be quiet, it is not always convenient to call loudly to an employee to order a meal or clear the table. Staff call buttons have easily solved this problem. Watching a film over a tasty snack is now even more enjoyable.

While watching a film in the VIP lounges, visitors often get the urge to have a snack or order a drink. In total darkness and in silent conditions,  it is quite problematic to do this without disturbing the leisure of the rest of the audience. Our company has suggested installing a call system under each VIP chair. To order it is enough to press the call button and staff receives a notification with the number of VIP chairs. Consequently, without disturbing the viewers, a customer can easily satisfy his/her appetite or thirst and pay for his/her order. Staff can effortlessly deliver a high-quality service knowing exactly who is in need of assistance.